Friday, September 11, 2015

Enjoying simple things

It's 2:53 pm as I have started writing this post and it is just about small things that make me happy. I came to university in the afternoon today after having my lunch at home. Did some work in the morning but lots more to do.

I had to stop by at the bank (on-campus) and there's a bookstore next to it. Campus bookstore. I love spending time there. Whenever I need a break and if I am closeby to the bookstore, I just stop by. It's usually just for 15-20 minutes since I never buy anything from there. I get lot of good ideas there (not about my research but shopping ideas!). If I like some book, I note down its title and then go home and check it out on amazon. Quite often, the same book that costs about $15 at the bookstore can come at $4 or less from amazon including shipping. So, pretty good deal. Recently I saw some ideas for journals which were so cool. I absolutely loved them but as you would imagine, did not buy yet. They are on my list though! Here's a link to one of the journals if you are curious what I'm talking about. 

Who said, bookstore is just about books!

Next, as I stepped out of the bookstore and walked outside student center, this was what was happening - Food trucks on campus!

It was a fun site. It really cheers me up to see the energy and enthusiasm on campus. Only to realize in the next few minutes, that I need to get away from there and be in the library to work on my stuff. I should graduate!

On another note, sometimes it helps to notice that I do recognize these activities on campus and they bring a smile on my face. Life is not just about big moments but probably also about finding happiness in day to day life. 

The irony is that although I understand this fact but it becomes hard to apply sometimes. Glad that today was one of the days where I could feel its prescence!

- Dippy