Saturday, January 17, 2015

Those times when you miss home....

My trip back home is the time,
when I do not rush for the big malls,
But it's all about shopping at the small markets,
In and around the city, that excites me!

When it comes to evening snacks or tea-time,
It's not about eating at the grand restaurants,
Instead following the road-side eating options,
Who would like to miss the 'chat' and 'gol-gappe'!

When it comes to main meals,
Who wants to think about even eating outside,
I'm ready to plan the day so that I am always home to eat homemade food,
Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!

It's no longer about the car trips,
But riding on rickshaws, as much as possible,
It's about enjoying and laughing at the moments,
when my mom haggles with the rickshaw wala bhaiya for 5 or 10 Rs.
And me asking her to let it go for at least the next few days, if not for more.
It's about hearing the same arguments from her,
stating that it's not a matter of 5 or 10 Rs. but they are being unreasonable.
While I know that sometimes she may be right in saying that!
But I still want to ignore that and be indeed happy,
Paying a little extra, if that's the case.

It is rightly said that we do start taking things for granted,
When they are readily and easily available.
It's the same food that I crave for now,
That I used to find boring when I had the luxury of having it all the time!

I miss home...

~ Dippy

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