Thursday, October 9, 2014

GHC 14 - Building your professional persona presentations #ghc14

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This session titled "Building your Professional Persona", presented by 
Patty Lopez (Intel) and Jaime Teevan (Microsoft Research) presented do's and don'ts on how to build and project your professional image online. The first thought that strikes my mind when I think about maintaining a professional image, is to have a good online presence in terms of blog or website and social networking sites such as facebook or twitter etc. The session not only addressed that concern but also highlighted how conducting and disseminating the results of one's research are equally  or even more instrumental in in developing one's desired professional persona. 

While maintaining an updated professional profile on LinkedIn or personal website is critical in reflecting one's profile, but in order to do so, one first needs to of course build credentials that can be added to the profile. This is where the factor of doing good quality work comes in. Jamie presented several examples of things we need to keep in mind while conducting and publishing research.

1. Paper submission quality - If you are debating on whether to submit a paper to a conference/journal, think about this - consider your paper submission as a reflection of you and then try to answer the question again.

2. Illustrating the research idea with an example - This is really critical in conveying the contributions in a clear manner. 

3 Conducting literature review - Think of it as how you connect to it as opposed to how all that is wrong. Coming across a paper where the authors have done work similar to what you are planning to pursue is not always disappointing.  As long as you can convey and highlight the novel in your work or how you build upon the existing work to create something new, it is in fact an encouraging sign. Having work similar to what you are doing validates your idea and shows that your idea is of interest in the community.

4. Keywords selection - Jamie emphasized on not to over-generalize the keywords in the paper. The reason for that being, the reviewers are assigned papers based on keywords and/or abstract. So, having very broad terms in the keywords might lead to your paper reaching into the hands of someone who is not very deep into your research. This further means that it will be become harder to comprehend the paper by the reviewer, leading to rejections.

5. Apart from ideas on how to conduct and publish your research, the speakers emphasized that it is important to make sure that when someone tries to reach out to you for an open position in his/her organization, then it should be based primarily on your competency and credentials.

So, these were some of the points that were addressed in this talk. Feel free to share your thoughts.

- Dippy
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