Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Phone adventure

I recently lost my iPhone.  After 5 days and 9 hours of solo driving without phone, "I found it"!

I was driving to meet my family and thought I had lost it at a service plaza. So, when I reached my uncle's place, he traced the plaza's number and called them.  To my surprise, a pleasant one, they said, they have it and I can pick it on my way back. They asked me few identification questions to see if its my phone. I was like, great! But then I realized that I will be going on the other side of highway on my way back. On most highways here in US, you may have to drive 20-40 miles before you find an exit. So, as the next thing, I figured out the route. Luckily it wasn't that bad. Then, finally on my way back, I stopped there. Only to find out that the phone they had was not my phone! I was so disappointed. I mean, I was literally waiting and was positive that I will get it now.

My next worry was that I still had 330 miles to get to my place ~= 6 hours more to go. And what if, I need some help. I had roadside assistance membership but then how would I call them, in case I need to. Usually, we can get phones at gas stations but on turnpike (highway) there were gas stations only on service plazas and they do not sell phones. So, there I was. Just started driving again. As much as I was trying to put the thought away that I do not have phone, it's lost, it wasn't leaving my mind. But I did get over it I guess to some extent. About 5 miles from my home, I heard the phone ringing. And I just went like - Woo hoo! It's somewhere here in the car :-) I could not even wait to reach home. I pulled my car to next stop, which was university. There was a student passing by. I asked him if he can give me a ring. And there it was - my phone! It was under a mat under the driver's seat. God knows how it got there.

I saw so many missed calls. But it never rang when I was driving my car during my stay at my uncle's place. What was even more intriguing was to see that its battery didn't die!

With all this adventure, I did realize one good thing. I was so relaxed for the fours days I did not had to carry the phone. No more checking for any missed calls or messages during the day. Not feeling obliged or in general answerable to respond to any general messages. I mean, I was just living my day the way I wish. These days we feel we can not survive without a phone. We talk about all the reasons for why having a phone and that too, a cell phone is so important.  What-if you are in a problem and you need to contact someone, what-if your family/friend needs you. How would they reach you and so on.

Only having a land-line number also does not suffice. We have started looking at phone as a necessity instead of luxury, as it used to be years ago. With this experience, I realized that I can live without having it by my side all the time. Not to say that it has no use at all. But we need to draw a line somewhere.

The only thing that was making me uncomfortable was knowing that I have lost it. Not having something by choice vs. losing are two different things. Right? :)

This phone hunt really drove me crazy. But all's well that ends well, I guess!

Below is a picture I clicked on my way before I supposedly lost it. 



- Dippy

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