Monday, June 23, 2014

Why should we pray

Not all our prayers get answered. Right? Sounds pretty obvious.

Well, the quote below made me re-think. I enjoy spending few minutes on articles related to personal development and life in general. I read them almost every other day, if not everyday. Here is one of the many that I came across today.

If you ask for something in your prayer and you get it, surely, your prayer has been answered. But think about those times when that does not happen . We get dissappointed and a series of "Why-What-How-Where" flood our mind. We get entangled in questions of - Why did this not happen? Where did things go wrong and so on. 

The lines in the quote above sums it all. Seems like we need to change our idea behind praying to get answers, both when - we get we asked for in our prayer and also when we did not

- Dippy

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