Monday, April 28, 2014

When you forget something..

I often remember birthdays or any other day linked with something or someone that is important to me. Is it just because I have a good memory? Have you realized how you do not forget to call someone even when you are in the thick of something really important. While there are also those times when you forget wishing a friend on birthday even after receiving multiple reminders on your phone. I wrote a few lines.

I remember this day,
neither because it is on my calender,
nor that I have a good memory.
But just for a simple reason, 
that you are important to me.

What makes me remember some days and not all, 
What makes me remember them sometimes and not always,
Is it just that it slips from my mind occasionally that I forget, 
I find many people giving out this reason though,
But I feel there's more to it.

It is not just the brain cells that makes us remember or forget,
but our feelings that are tied to a day or a person.
When I remember a day that is important to you,
It is not just the wishes that go with it,
but a silent message that says - I care for what matters to you.

All these memories may not be carrying positive energy,
Some may be reminders of sad times, 
But the fact that remains unchanged is,
This day was/is important to me because of you.

Next time when we forget a day,
Let's not say that we just forgot,
The fact is, 
It was simply not a part of our priorities....

- Dippy

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