Friday, March 7, 2014

The miniature book I created

Hi everybody!

Wondering what this is?

I am just coming back from a session on 'How to create a book'. It was put up in the library an hour ago. Honestly speaking, initially I was not very sure of what is it exactly that they are going to talk about at this event but the title sounded interesting. It said -

Discover the ways books are constructed and what makes some books last seemingly forever. Make your own miniature book.

So, it wasn't going to be just attending a lecture but actually creating something. Good enough!

In a little bit more detail, it was conducted by the preservation lab at University of Cincinnati. They take care of re-binding the old books. And it's all manual work. Not like any machines or tools used. I think the hand work really requires precision and lends creativity to it. 

On the right is a picture showing our raw materials! Now just looking at this, it might seem straightforward. But there's a lot that goes behind.It was interesting to get a glimpse of how meticulously this book binding process is done.

This miniature book is going to be my souvenir!


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