Saturday, March 22, 2014

Give Me a Break!

A story is told of a man who goes out to church and prays, "God, I need a break. I need to win the state lottery. I'm counting on you, God." Having not won the lottery, the man returns to church a week later and once again prays, "God, about that state lottery....I've been kind to my wife. I've given up drinking. I've been really good. Give me a break. let me win the lottery."

A week later, still no richer, he returns to pray once again. "God, I don't seem to be getting through to you on this state lottery thing. I've been using positive self-talk, saying affirmations, and visualizing the money. Give me a break, God. Let me win the lottery."

Suddenly the heavens open up, white light and heavenly music flood into the church, and a deep voice says, "My son, give me a break! Buy a lottery ticket!"

So, the point was to convey the spirit of "taking action". Nothing will happen until we take action. There are several nice quotes in this book. below is one of them.

Things may come to those who wait,
but only the things left by those who hustle. - Abraham Lincoln 

P.S. The story above is from a book by Jack Canfield. The title is "How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be"

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