Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I no longer pray per say but..

Waking up in the morning as I greet my day,
I no longer pray asking HIM if HE can turn it my way.

I get onto my knees not with the hope that,
my day will turn any different or better to say, If I pray..
For I know that HE has already planned my day.

I fold my hands more in gratitude and,
to acknowledge the unfathomable power of nature and the divine.
With the theory of karma being mysterious to me,
but hearing all the time that it is working in the background,
I sometimes give up in fighting over my thoughts on,
how things "should have" turned out,
as opposed to how HE has made them happen. 

This is not to say that I am ungrateful for waking up to another sunrise,
Or that I am by any means disappointed seeing not much control over destiny,
But a mere understanding and acceptance that there are few things beyond my control.
With every event that is happening,
Is it a blessing in disguise for I might not know what is best for me,
given my limited human vision.
Or just a rough patch that will make me emerge stronger and turn better?

Though there's one thing that I can vouch for -,
Everything has its own time,
A time that it is destined to happen,
As the day unfolds, I should just let it flow.
As long as I feel happy and contend with the way my day went,
If I see that I did whatever I could do to the best of my ability,
If I I did not let myself run down on my self-esteem,
It was a successful day.

Provided that I was honest with myself,
For anything that did not go as I wished for,
I just need to keep my mind and heart open,
I will get the answers at the right time.

There is usually something better in store for us than we think,
Or if that is not how it seems like or turns out even in the longer run,
then it has to be one of the following two cases -
either it made us tread in a direction that we would not have explored otherwise,
and emerge stronger, or
It's still not the end..?

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