Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My takeaways from Obama's speech today

I heard the live telecast of Obama addressing State of the Union today. I do not take much interest in knowing about politics. So, I will refrain from critiquing on the political substance of his speech. I am only blogging on the takeaways that I had from his speech. 

I always find his speeches very compelling. And today's speech was no exception. It was aspirational, touched upon various issues that America is facing today - jobs, health care, terrorism, education to mention a few. Speeches have a hard time in making an impact on the people but in my opinion Obama is a great orator and his speeches carry a sense of optimism and an honest assurance that his administration will try their best to solve the problems their countryis facing today. I liked the parts in his speech where he talks about recognizing and creating opportunities on what America can do together, on creating a better life for his countrymen and the world. His speech reflects the idea that America wants to lead by example and not by power. He describes America as a country where each individual is free to live his/her life by their own will but stand united as one nation - The United States of America. That was impressive.

The sustained applause with standing ovation that lasted for over one minute for Cory Remsburg remains to be the most emotional moment of the speech (Link to Obama honoring Cory Remsburg). Anyone who watched Obama's speech (or if you watch it online now) I am sure you will share the same feeling and admiration for this war hero. In fact the complete military force is commendable for that matter.

One of the beauties of this country I have realized staying here for few years now is - their appreciation and acknowledgment for hard work and the importance that they give to human life. 

Lastly, I found his words - "Nothing in life that's worth anything is easy" very inspiring. 

Signing off on that note. Thank you for caring enough to read my blog post!


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