Monday, November 18, 2013

My second long drive - 600 miles, 12 hours in one day

Well, here I am - exhausted somewhat but excited to pen down my 600 miles driving experience. Mind it - it was all in one day! 

This was the second time since I have been in US that I drove for so long - nonstop! Well to be precise with one hour break. So,I drove in two stretches, each five and a half hours long with one hour break in them. What say? :-) 

People write about their first experiences and here I am - blogging about my second. I did share about my first long drive on facebook though but since I am owning a blog now, thought it might be a better idea to share it through this portal. Gives me more room to write. Another reason - I am no longer on facebook! 

Talking about my driving experience, I have been driving in US for a while now. But have not drove for this long of a distance independently. I started early morning - 5:30sh, the last time when I drove, but for this time  - add two hours to it. So, it was 7:30 a.m. Not that I "got" late, but it was intentional. Anyways, the result was returning home later than expected and "desired". I prefer to reach back home by late evening (before it gets too dark). Sometime like 6:00 should be good. But it was 8:00 pm this time and I was pretty tired. Compared to the first time, I found today's drive a bit more tiresome. One of the reasons being that there was considerably more traffic on my way back home this time and it started getting dark after 5:30. I find it relatively stressful to drive after it gets dark in the evening. Leaving early morning (even before sunrise) is not a problem for me. Probably because I know it's going to get better as the day unfolds. But with evenings, its only going to grow and to add to it, after already driving for 5-6 hours one is exhausted. Result - more concentration required. And I did not have company on the way back. Except my CDs :-) But they were indeed saviors and an excellent companion :-) I created two new CDs, with relatively new songs, the day before I had to leave. 

I am glad to have finally experienced driving over  long distances. Knowing that, if needed, I can do it is nice. Getting over this inhibition of whether I will be able to drive independently for this long was important and makes me feel good.

Already had one cup of tea. Before I convince myself for a second, a better idea would be to switch off the lights and go to sleep! 

Take care and thanks for reading.


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