Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creativity speaking

I recently came across these two posts - one in library and one in a shopping mall. See the pictures below -

The one above was in library. I thought this was a nice way to create awareness about plagiarism and the extent of the seriousness with which it is taken up. I found the responses posted by students pretty interesting.

I am not sure if the text in the picture is readable? In case not, here is what it is saying -

"Daniel had a lot of trouble getting started with a communication paper and asked a friend Jordan who is in the same class to see her paper for ideas and inspiration. Jordan was happy to help. When Daniel showed Jordan his finished paper, Jordan thought the two papers were too similar. What should Jordan do?"

Some students posted how they would respond had they been in Jordan's situation. I will be glad to see some of you sharing your thoughts about this scenario as well!

The other stuff that caught my eye was today at one the stores (the section displaying scarves) in a shopping mall. Funny but creative surely.

What do you think?

- Dippy

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