Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When the smallest of your dreams come true

Apart from our personal and professional goals, we often develop some wishes, dreams as our life progresses or as and when we encounter something new. All of them more or less stay in mind but some of them fascinate us to the extent that we get reminded of them very often. 

Visiting California at least once has been one of those later kind of dreams for me. I do not know why and when I developed this fascination. I am guessing that it has to do with my strong interest towards travelling, exploring new places and also for all that I have heard about west coast. Well, so here I am - living my dream these days. I got a chance to visit couple of places in California recently. I can say that my love for this place has only increased!

When I posted my initial few pictures, for when I first landed in CA about a month ago, my friends pretty much laughed, calling it my madness for a place. I know, it is hard to imagine that a place can be so thrilling to someone and also when there are numerous places out there in the world which can be called prettier than CA. I agree. Hopefully, I can visit other places too sometime in my life. #being-greedy-now :-) But for now, CA is really cheering me up. That's me at the Golden gate bridge ----->

The fact that I am here for work serves as an icing on the cake. Paid vacation, right? :-) Not to deny that since I am enjoying my work, it is coming as a big factor in making me enjoy this place (CA). After all, it was work that brought me here. I need to get that done first.

When your smallest of wishes, the ones that are not going to influence your life significantly, but can surely can bring a big smile on your face, can make you feel happy, fulfilled, (Yes, this CA trip is fulfilling for me 
:-) ) when they come true, you tend to "realize" the good things happening around you. Probably because it opens up your heart? If I am sad or feeling low, it gives me a feeling of optimism or in general, strengthens my belief that sooner or later, all my dreams will eventually come true. No matter small or big!

Signing off for now..Take care and stay optimistic!


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