Thursday, June 27, 2013

Being inspired and moving forward

Hi everyone,

So, this is my second blog post and I am feeling equally excited writing it as I was when I wrote the first one. Many Thanks to all of you who took time to read it. 

I have had few aspirations apart from academics that I have harbored deep down my heart somewhere for many years. At times based on circumstances and even more so, out of my own ignorance for how much happiness they bring to me, I had just put them on a back burner. But I am realizing it from last few months that may be, I should spend some time there (Writing, being one of them) My first blog post helped me break that inertia. Lots and lots of thoughts run across my mind all the time and  I have also thought of penning them down. The first post here on the blog helped me gain some momentum as well, but apart from being excited about writing, I believe that one has to feel the words to be able to bring life to them. 

Today, I  think I am in that mood. After having my dinner and a casual chat with my roommate, I decided to watch one of the interviews of Sushmita Sen. Although I have seen this video several times before, but it is always a pleasure and worth the time to check it out again. Her personality, her individualism has always fascinated me. 

Some of us might feel that we can not relate to her since we do not belong to the same class of people that she does. Her lifestyle, principles are very different from some of us. I agree. But still she inspires me. Because I can see a lot of objectivity in her talk as well. She is not always talking about high end things. "Taking 100% responsibility of one's own actions" - one does not have to be rich and affluent, or famous as she is to bring this concept into one's own life. Also, we need not adhere to everything she is saying. It is her opinion. We can pick and choose whatever we like. I like her ambitious, progressive attitude in life. I like the confidence that is reflected in her voice for whatever she is pursuing. The society does not encourage adopting two girl children and raising them as a single mother. But she was confident enough to follow what "she" thought was right. Of course, in this case we can account for her lifestyle to some extent. But keeping that apart, in general, I think her action of adopting Renee and Alisa reflects the style of living on one's own terms. There are several sections in her interview (see the link below) that I like. When she is asked to define beauty, the fact that she is defining it in terms of giving respect to other person's judgement is really admirable. She says - if someone likes doing make up or anything of that sort and as long as that makes them happy, she would celebrate his/her call. Isn't that great? So, just minding one's own business, not being judgmental about others. Making our life's and relationships simpler indeed. We often tend to pass comment on others very easily, giving ourselves enough reasons, calling it a natural behavior but do get offended when the same thing happens to us. 

So, I just wanted to share with all of you this interview of hers. Hope you like it and that it makes you go ahead and explore more of her interviews. 

Here is the link to the video:

Life will keep throwing challenges from time to time. It does get very hard to embrace them and keep one's spirits high at all such times. But only by conscious effort and channelizing our mind, our thoughts with positive energy is what will help us cross those hurdle and be able to see hope and light on the other side.

Thanks for reading. Please do write back. I will always be on the lookout for constructive criticism and compliments of course :-) 

Stay motivated and take care.

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